General Questions

How do I book you?
To book a session with me, please use the contact form or email me at jessica@jessicaholmesphoto.com.  Please let me know your available dates and what type of session you are looking to book.  Once we work out a date and time, send your contract and non-refundable deposit back (the session fee), your session will officially be booked.

How do I order my images?
Within two weeks of our session, we will set up an in-home viewing/ordering appointment where you will view your images and order your products.  In-home?  Yes, that’s right, I come to you!  I will come prepared with product samples, pricing information (which you will also have received at time of booking), order forms and my laptop.  We will sit, chat, view your images and I will be there to help you decide what will best suit your needs.

When will I receive my images?
After your viewing/ordering session, I will edit your chosen images and order your product.  Editing typically takes about 2 weeks and the ordering of your product differs.  Prints can take around a week and custom products such as fine art albums take longer.

You seem to be snapping a lot of pictures.  Can I have all of the images?
Nope! I take more images than needed in case anyone blinks, there is a passerby in the background, or the focus isn’t tack sharp.  I only present the best of the best images to you.  Quality over quantity is most important to me.

Can I have the unedited images?
Nope, can’t have those either!  I hand edit your images myself and as an artist, it’s a personal process for me.  I would hate for anyone to have an unfinished image whose vision isn’t complete.

Do you offer mini sessions?
I do not offer mini sessions on a regular basis however, there are certain times during the year where I may run mini session specials.


Newborn Session Questions

What does your session fee include?
The newborn session fee includes my time and talent photographing your newborn and/or family at your home.  The session fee also covers your in-home viewing/ordering appointment.

When should I schedule my newborn session?
I suggest scheduling your session during your second trimester.  Due to the custom nature of these sessions, it is to ensure I am available.  I keep my schedule pretty open around your due date.  I ask that you contact me either when you go into labor or immediately after the baby is born so we can schedule the exact session date.

Do I need anything?
I come to your home with my complete set up, props and all.  If there are any heirloom items you would like to have photographed, such as a special blanket or bonnet, I will be happy to incorporate those into your session.  To ensure a happy, sleepy baby, I ask that you keep your home at a toasty 85 degrees.  You and I will be hot, but your nakey newborn will be nice and comfortable.  I also ask that you feed right before I arrive and loosen the diaper 30 minutes before the session.

When are the best ages to photograph newborns?
The best time to photograph a newborn is between 5-10 days new because this is when they are still in the sleepy, curly stage.  After 10 days, newborns typically start “waking up” and those sweet, sleepy images aren’t guaranteed.  I will gladly photograph any babies older than 10 days though!

Where do you photograph?
Newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your home.  I come with my complete set up, will take a quick walk around your home and determine where the best light is.  Please don’t worry about cleaning up just for me, I am aware that you have a new baby and picking up is not high on your priority list right now!

Do you offer Bellies to Babies or Watch Me Grow packages?
Yes!  I have several options to choose from.  With these packages, you save money compared to if you scheduled each session separately.  Please inquire and I will send you the information.


General Portrait Session Questions

What does your session fee include? 
My session fee for general portraits includes my time and talent photographing you during a one hour on-location session and your in-home viewing/ordering appointment.

What should I wear?
For maternity sessions, the number one thing is comfort.  I do suggest maxi dresses in a pale, neutral color or soft pastels.  Something that is soft, pretty and timeless.  For family sessions, color coordinate but no matching!  Pick two neutral colors and one color for a pop.  For example, grey and white could be your neutrals and different shades of yellow could be your pop of color.  Your pop of color should be different articles of clothing on different people.  For child sessions, I think soft neutrals are gorgeous but bright colors are fun too!  For all session types, please no logos on clothing and be aware of your shoe choices.

Can I suggest a location or theme?
Of course!  I have a few locations that I love to shoot at but I am always looking for new locations and I love a challenge!  Themes are fun, especially for child sessions.

When do you photograph portrait sessions?
I photograph my general portrait sessions during the hour before sunset, or the “golden hour” as it’s called.  This is usually around 3pm during winter and 6:30 or 7pm during summer.  I will photograph in the morning, but only before 10am.

Should I bring anything?
If I will be photographing young children, bring a small toy, a stuffed animal, snacks or drinks to help keep their attention.  I do ask that they be fed and have had a nap before the session for a more positive experience.  I do not invest in props for family/child sessions but I do have a few general props that I may bring, such as a bright chair if it fits with our session.  Because I don’t invest in specific props for these sessions, if we have discussed a theme, please bring the props you want photographed.